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FOX Business
Mar 25, 2013 4:00pm EDT
that are suffering can certainly benefit from biotene. ♪ >> reporter: i'm dennis kneale with your fox business business brief. the dow finishing 64 points down at 14447. more airlines recording first-class customers. testing. united is revamping cabins for transcontinental premium service. premium travels make up only 8 percent of international passengers but provide 27 percent of airline revenue. in sales of carbonated soft drinks losing their this is according to beverage digest sales fell to their lowest level since 1996. the drop would have been even worse but for the rising popularity of energy drinks like a monster and red bull. despite the decline soft drinks still make up the biggest category of non out rowlock beverages. as the latest from fox business, giving you the power prosper. ♪ david: commuters are often held captive by monopolies to doe have interest in making rice geber a more efficient. our next guest has found a way to challenge the enemies of innovation by way of a mobile phone apple. it's called sidecar and recently expanded to washington d.c. and three oth
FOX Business
Mar 15, 2013 4:00pm EDT
. at we put the law on your side. >> i'm dennis kneale with your fox business brief. the bears clawing their way back on wall street today. the dow falling 25 points to end at a ten-day winning streak and eight straight days of record high closes. s&p 500 also pulling back after nearing a record high of its own. >>> the obama membership straugs reportedly eyeing north carolina democratic congressman mel watt as director of the federal housing agency. dow jones says the white house could make a final decision by next month. fha regulates two mortgage giants the government bailed out, fannie mae and freddie mac. >>> as boeing struggles to ex-if the dreamliner the chief executive just got a 20% raise and a regular lear to filing, the aircraft maker says ceo jim mcinerney's compensation jumped 20% in 2012 to $27.5 million. boeing's stock just hit an all-time high. be happy for him. have a great weekend. that's the latest from fox biz david: as you know nevada is the only state in the u.s. allowing legal prostitution in certain counties. the state makes millions in tax revenue
FOX Business
Mar 11, 2013 4:00pm EDT
magic? dennis is here with more. watch this all weekend long. >> and he's back. at campbell, it won the weekend box office. hundred and $50 million or white and 80 million in the u.s. here is just how good that is. the best of american hoping this year. it took in almost three times as much as the opening of jack the giants layer from warner just one week ago. also is the third best opening for a film in march ever trailing only hundred games and disney's own remake of alice-in-wonderland. that is chairing of hollywood because it resuscitate the theater box office found 15 percent so far this year. also an indication for the mouse house, exactly one year ago same weekend disney came out with that sci-fi megaflops john carter and lost. stock up 40 percenters soap, and it just blows tonight at an all-time high. so they could be looking at its next sequel franchise. it did well overseas even though the was a vase released in 1939 is not big over there. it may do better among adults than children. 50 percent of theatergoers is weekend were teenagers. 52 percent of the audience was couples.
FOX Business
Mar 1, 2013 4:00pm EST
and dennis neil. that is it next week. >>> defense budget cuts are not just trouble for the big guys, for the big contractors. some small businesses could get hit and as you know the smaller guys are usually hit harder. coming up the ceo and president of a small security company that could be directly in that line of fire. he's next. >> i'm shibani joshi with your fox business brief. stocks moved in a wide range near record highs but not hitting the october 2007 all-time high but ending the week on a high note. at the closing bell, the dow finishing up 35 points to 14,89.66. >>> michigan governor rick snyder declared a financial emergency in detroit. the next step will be to choose an independent overseer to tackle detroit's $327 million budget deficit and $14 billion in long-term debt. >>> spacex's unmanned falcon rocket launched this morning carrying a ton of supplies to the international space station. nasa paid spacex to deliver the cargo. dow jones and spacex see sunday as a possible linkup between the rocket and the space station. that is the latest from the fox business networ
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4